A clever e-mail backup

Getting back into the blogging habit has been pleasant, even if my low opinion of bloggers hasn’t changed over the years.

But it did put me back in touch with a lot of people I hadn’t heard from. For example, you might remember Remy and the resurrected Datamini PA40.

Remy wrote a few weeks ago and said the Datamini is still at work, assisting with household chores, in a manner of speaking. You can ask if you want details. 😉

Remy also has a few tools available on his site, including a rather nifty e-mail local backup tool:

The project page has all the information you need to set it up; edit one file for your account information and it will spin away happily and do your bidding.

Be forewarned, if you have a lot of e-mail to sync, it’s going to take a while. I think I had to wait a couple of hours just to back up my Sent messages out of GMail … which says little about the total volume accumulated over the past five or six years. 😯

But it converts everything into simple HTML pages, which means everything is accessible from elinks or another text-only browser.

Clever. This one has my stamp of approval: A big gold smilie for 😀

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