Another nifty script

Some of the console “applications” I have collected are really just fancified scripts, some with proper interfaces, and some with little more than a progress bar.

Here’s one with a progress bar:

Rather clever, really: Give it a search term, and it trundles off to Google’s image search, and brings back the first 300 matches it can download.

I’ll be honest and say I don’t remember where I got this one. I e-mailed it to myself but didn’t make a note of where it came from. And the comments in the scripts aren’t very helpful.

It’s a good idea though, and seems to work without any issues. No logs to speak of, and no real information aside from the prompt and the progress bar, of course.

Keep in mind that this requires both wget and tidy, or your results will probably be … nothing.

This is one of those odd times when I’m at a loss for a source; I’m usually rather meticulous about where I get things. If you can give me a hint, I would appreciate it. 😐