ctodo: See what you have to do

I mentioned ikog last week, but that’s hardly the only to-do list manager on the market.

And where ikog relies on a menu and text entry to navigate, ctodo is a lot more simple, and a lot more intuitive.


With just enough on-screen prompts to forego the need for a help screen, I am confident that you’ll have ctodo up and running within a minute of installing it.

A couple of tips, just because I’m a nice person. … When you edit titles, or name a new item, your backspace key might not work. On my system, I needed to use the left arrow key and delete keys to touch up a few entries.

Second, ctodo will accept the name of a file as an argument. Which means, you can keep two or three distinct lists (be they to-do lists or what have you) and use ctodo to manage them all.

Lastly, I like that ctodo saves to standard text files, with the contents being … identical to what you see in ctodo’s display. So you can conceivably edit ctodo’s lists outside of ctodo, and preserve compatibility.

So there you have it. For a simple, easy-to-manage interface and good design overall, ctodo gets a gold smiley. 😀

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