ikog: An extensive to-do list

I am not sure why, but to-do lists seem to be among the chores most often relegated to the console.

There are literally dozens of to-do applications available, each with its own style and a varying depth of intricacy.

ikog is one of those dozens, and is among the smaller subset that arranges itself with menus and commands.


Most of the controls and actions have keyboard shortcuts and abbreviations that can trim down the time it usually takes to work a command-driven application.

And if you find it all a little intimidating at first, a simple “help” will give you a rundown of available commands.

More impressive though, is the extensive operation manual available among the source files.

Personally I still prefer hnb for to-do lists, but that’s mostly because I use it for several different things at once.

If you prefer something more powerful, give ikog a try.