dstat: Raw data, in many flavors

An unrefined tool is still very useful, even if it’s just to spit out raw data. With that in mind, here’s dstat.


The home page explains dstat as a combination of vmstat, iostat, ifstat and netstat, plus a few more, probably.

Judging by the --help page, there is quite a bit dstat can do, and it supposedly handles plugins as well — meaning you could conceivably extend it even further, if you have the knack.

Output is where dstat falls a little short for me. Spooling out columns of numbers is a bit lean, when so many other tools can do similar things with greater aplomb.

On the other hand, life (at the console) is what you make of it. And it wouldn’t take more than a one-line window in screen (or perhaps a sliver of an emulator window under X) to make this into a sort of terminal “widget” with a self-refreshing system monitor in it.

Of course, that’s up to you. If you’re more talented than I, you might see a way to splice off those (precisely aligned and predictable) columns of information, and use them in your own … idiom.

In that case, dstat is a great source for raw material. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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