cursetheweather: Exactly that

Occasionally I have to step back from the keyboard, and take stock of real life.

That’s when it’s time to put down the network monitors, the obscure text editors, the automatic kernel configurators, and get some information that really affects my day-to-day existence.

That’s when it’s time … to check the weather. Lucky for me, without looking out of my window, I can know the ways of heaven.


That’s the aptly-named cursetheweather, doing what it does best … and the only thing it does, that I can tell.

But it does it right, and for that I can find no fault. It’s the weather, it’s drawn up pretty, and it refreshes at periods.

It does take a little effort to get it going right. You’ll have to track down your weather codes from the actual Internet (oh, so much effort) and jam them into cursetheweather’s craw (the horror, the horror).

But once that’s done, it will spin happily into eternity, checking the weather until either the power, the hardware or the planet fails.

Now I’ve had my hand in much better weather display systems, some of which were my own invention, all the way down to the hardware.

But cursetheweather does its job well, and doesn’t pretend to do something else. That, I like most of all.